Monday, April 20, 2009

Nitwits on Twitter . . . now available.

Just for the fun of it, you can follow my silly Nitwitter jokes on Twitter. I write Nitwit jokes for my seven year old, but on Twitter we call them Nitwitter jokes, when I remember to change the name. Here are a few samples:

How did little bro Nitwit fall out of the tree?

His mom told him to rake the leaves.
Why did big bro Nitwit put a dress on the trash can and take it to the high school dance?

Well, his mom told him it was about time that he took out the garbage.
Why did big ol’ Nitwit throw his friend really hard everyday he saw him?

His name was Chuck.
Why did big sis Nitwit get so excited about going to get rhinoplasty?

It would be the first time in her life she wouldn’t be ridiculed for picking her nose?
Why did Grandpa Nitwit sit on the beach and keep repeating ‘hello’?

He said it was because the ocean kept waving.

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