Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Cat in the Hat

A few years ago, I bought my sister, Kathy, The Cat in the Hat, and challenged her to finish it within a year. She failed. Yet, I was given possibly the greatest compliment an author can get, and it came from my sister, Kathy. She called up and said, that with twenty pages to go in Substitute Wizard, she wanted to stop reading. That is right--she was reading a novel, my novel, and she told me she wanted to stop reading. What a wonderful compliment for an author. I think you know: she wanted to stop reading because she didn't want the story to end. What greater compliment can an author get? She didn't want the story to end, and this is from a lady that does not sit down often to do anything let alone read. I am so overjoyed with being able to create such a story that would want my sister to quit it . . . because she was enjoying it so much. So I say to you sister, I see why it took you so long to finish The Cat in the Hat, you didn't want it to end.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It has been a wonderful first few weeks now that SW is out. I have received some encouraging feedback from many who have begun to read the book. I must say that the comments on the writing itself have been extra-special. My son's Cub Scout leader said the writing is fluid. I take pride in such an observation. I worked many hours (quite a bit of rewriting) crafting prose that express information, move story, and create mood, yet engage the ear and interest the intellect. I hope I have achieved it with SW. To those that have commented on the writing itself with positive remarks, I thank you. I hope you enjoy the story as well.